Saturday, May 14, 2016

9 life altering questions you need to ask yourself right now

This post I am going to leave you all with a bit of soul searching. Life consumes us and we walk, wake up, grind, study but forget why and what for? We feel like we are living, but are we? and how?

Here is hoping that these questions designed by NLP practitioners and New York times Bestseller author Richard Carlson help you take charge of life. Maybe, it is time we do not let situations confine us but use the answers of these questions to define us.  

What do I want to do ?

- Yes, we have dreams, but is it not true that we forget  some of them as well? Things come up, engagements and responsibilities, sometimes we are just tired, maybe asking ourselves what do I really want to do once in a while, such a bad thing?

What is under my control?

- We do not have money, skill or people to help you. We want to but....but....them buts. BUT what do we have? what can you make do with? Richard Branson's set up his first business venture in his basement. If he thought he did not have a space to do what he loved, where would he be?

What can I do more of?

- Guilty of dreaming more than doing, using youtube spaces and television screens for distraction than actually working on the work you promised... sounds familiar?

What can I do less of ?

- We think the first one answers this, less dreaming more doing maybe?

What do I  need to right now?

- We paint beautiful pictures of our future but usually these picture are in the FUTURE, but future is a result of your present, so what is our immediate need? What do we need to do now to get that book published in the future?

What will it be like when you have achieved this?

- When we start something we may be caught up on all the difficulties that surrounds the situation. However, when you think of all the amazing things we feel when we have actually achieved it, our difficulties may actually turn into motivation.

Is my life really all that bad right now, or am I simply in a low mood?

- Chance are you are just in a low mood and you have ample to be grateful for starting with your uninterrupted breath 

Am I following the road towards unhappiness in an attempt to find happiness?

- The road may include whining, complaining, blaming god, doing everything except taking control of your happiness. 

Am I thinking about myself too much?

- Evaluating yourself or your performance too much will serve to lower your spirits. Maybe be naturally proud of your efforts even for the smallest things just like children? Have you ever wondered why a child is so confident? Because they don't judge they just live! 

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