Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How To Stop Worrying About Being Average

This is a lengthy one... YIKES! If you have time to write hate mail to your exes you have time for this. So buckle down look at your crotch and start reading ! Tried some new humor there, do you fancy it? I don't say fancy on a day to day basis, today it felt right. 

Test scores, looks, work, earnings,  investment basically anything and everything supposedly can be "measured", and yes these measurements have made bench marking easy, but it has also been excessively used in bench marking things that are unnecessary. 

An advert read, 

“Beautiful female, average height, fair skin needed as a wife”

This was a fairly normal advert to be seen on papers a couple of years ago, do not ask me why, it was when  I was teenager so obviously I was in front of the mirror taking selfies for my facebook profile picture, oh god did any of you ever use sepia as a filter? Yup, that was something.

Okay.. ADD kicking in. Come back. 

Now, the reason WHY you and I are both here. Because of  one word "average"  This word and I go way back,  much of my school life I was this word. I swear to go if you went to my classroom and asked someone is "Average" here they would straight up point right at me!  I fight the average bracket for everything and here is a story as to why. 

The Average Story

 I did not get treats at restaurants after my report card, it was usually a quiet ride home and then a hell lot of you know better, why did you fail la di la di la. I would grudgingly wait there as tears rolled down my cheeks. I would pretend to study for a week and bam back to the good old days of doing homework in front of the tv. Essentially I was average, to my school, to my teachers. I sat there replaying the exchanges between my teacher and my parents, “She is an average student” then like pop music the words basically repeated itself until infinity and beyond. Let's just say if Madonna sang about me it would go something like " She is an average girl in an average world!" 

 But the over-thinker that I am, my curious mind started exploring the word, what could it mean? Why was I given the privilege to become one? But, soon I realized it was not a privilege. Not all. It was basically being told I was Meh... *insert chandlers voice.. It was strange, not just strange but shocking, the word was not half bad I mean average was simply average but yet the detest I saw in people’s faces told me there were so many implications of this seemingly harmless word. 

Believe in yourself

 Aspiring not to be Average

Initially, once realizing extraordinary did not stand close to being average I ran, long and hard from it. Quiet literary I had a relay race that day, but the more I ran the more it caught up to me. Soon, average was as bad as Voldemort. I too detested average, not that I exactly knew what average is but because people around me did not seem that pleased with the idea of it.

 Fearing to have appeared boring and not special in front of others I started to believe in a reality someone else imposed on me. I was Average (and then came a full stop). Never to realise that being average does not mean you are only AVERAGE. 

I may have been of an average height or an average and sometimes below average student but that should not mean I would be an average writer, an average person, an average sister or an average daughter. 

What measure my average-ness and why could I not be more things? I could be have been an AVERAGE student, but could I not be an extraordinary person? Who would stop be from becoming one?

So the question is not why am I average, it is What else can I be?

know your worth

So the question is not why am I average, It is What else can I be?




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