Wednesday, January 22, 2014


"Didi milaera dinus na" every time I raise my hand to call out a taxi these are the words that I dread. Not because I have some form of phobia regarding taxi rides but because I do not know how to respond or react to the very statement made by every taxi driver at one point to someone. Being on the receiving end of this statement is not pleasant. Travel has become increasing stressful in Kathmandu and every time I have to take a taxi to go somewhere its usually followed by either a discussion or an out pour of complains from the dais.

Once I hear this statement, I know I need to step up my game; I take my imaginary briefcase out and now wear the shoes of a marketer selling an idea, the idea being to do what is right. I carefully layout my reasons ready for a comeback if necessary and then I begin to reason. These negotiations could last up to few seconds sometimes minutes before I get the one of two responses.

1.      The Shaker:

     Regardless of how I reason, this person has made up his mind not to press that meter button to switch it on and hence will give me either a smug or an angry expression to let me know I am wasting his time. Moreover, he will not utter a word while doing so instead will shake is head from side to side in utter disbelief, because obviously I asked for his kidneys!

2.      The life saver:

 This person after minutes of reasoning comes around and eventually goes by the meter. However, he/she will take every possible opportunity to let you know of this "favor" of going by the meter. The cab ride with this kind of individual could be extremely stressful. Encountering every red light, stops, bumpy roads will result in a reaction of some sort either a grunt, swearing or holding the passenger responsible for everything! He will time and again remind of the endeavors he is going through for your sake. Knowing that the person responsible for your journey is a ticking time bomb is not most comforting thought.

However, there are a few gems, and when I say few I mean it, who make your journey rather hassle free, they do the job and do it the right way. Getting a good cab driver who goes by the meter without any tantrums could actually make a person extremely grateful.

So be ready with your imaginary armors or briefcase and let the negotiations begin!

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