Saturday, February 21, 2015

10 Confessions of a girl with unmanageable hair

 10 confession that embraces the ugly, sad but very funny side of having unmanageable tresses. Learn to love them girls. You are not alone.

  •  Humidity is not your friend unless you prefer looking like lion king.

  •   Blow drying is not your friend either

  •  You have seriously considered going bald


  •  You fall for any product that promise luscious hair. Consumerism is the best isn't it?

  •  Jared Leto has a much better hair game than you.

  • You woke like this! #flawless?. You be the judge. 

  •  Doing your hair is a momentary bliss.

  •  Being jealous of calmed tresses like...

  •  Losing hair pins like a boss.

  • Your still amazing. Work it!

 Ps: Your personal features help you stand out. However, scary standards of beauty causes us to question our every assets. We look for acceptance by mimicking trending styles, we do it for other people more than we do it for us. It is so hard to let your hair down! literary. As mentioned previous posts perspective is everything. Hence having the best hair by your definition may not be all that important. Go bald, natural, crazy, messy anything with your hair. As long as you love it. Practice makes perfect so make sure you don't give up on acceptance.

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