Saturday, February 21, 2015

The 8 Shades of life

With the movie doing well. I thought it was fitting to list down my 8 shades of I don’t knows.

·         Will losing weight make me happy? 

  • ·         Am I beautiful?

  • ·         What is my future like?

BEYONCE ? That is the dream.
  • ·         Will my degree matter?

  • ·     Will this be me in 10 years?

  • Or will I rise above the occasion? 

  • Will I make a regretful mistake?

                                                         I don't know Nicki! you tell me?
  •  Does Karma really exist?

 Its rumbling. Your stomach? Not really. Your mind? Yes. These questions can sometimes trouble us to a great extent. We all ponder on what these shades of life really are? Is there any black and white ? or just grey? How you look at it depends on you. At times what your distant relatives tell you about weight is all that you can think about. But don't worry because just like them your worries will go away too.  

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