Monday, June 22, 2015

Why Gen Y Make The Best Employees

Since, I am graduating soon, it only seemed fitting to try and state my case. Hope, ya'll get the message. 

  1. Advertising = Insecure staff = win- win situation                                                                                Advertising has tapped into your every insecurity, the thigh gap you probably did not care about is a major thing now. Oh, wait. Hair, eyes, nose, mouth that little over grown hair on the right hand side of the right edge of your elbow. This mean men/women alike will spend more time to adjust that flyaway hair than before. Ensuring that you get a perfectly groomed and highly insecure worker. Every employers dream. *sign*. Plus if your an employer of these products your in better luck, your workers can be your consumers. 

I will take one skin stretcher please? Thank you!


2. Save cost by employing excessive conscious people
The new fad diets will ensure that your staff room confectionery closet will always be stocked. I mean who needs to snack when your the lasted article said how good kale is for you.

3. Kyle Jenner Lip = Idol 

We care about the important things in life, our role models have a better appeal such as Kyle Jenners Lips, no not Kyle Jenner the person but her lips.  So, severance package do not need a long list of benefits, allowance and holidays. A voucher to the plastic surgeons table will do. I mean who needs future security when you have lips that will you get million taps on Instagram. Lets be honest that the important thing in life.

Yes, this is important to us

4. Fear = best staff 

This generation runs high on fear. The war, the people, the religious debate, the greediness has embedded a seed of fear. We fear everything, as small as not looking perfect to being a victim of racial discrimination. Hence, you will not need to try hard to scare us, for all you know we are already there. It is just a matter of you pushing in all the work.

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