Sunday, May 17, 2015

Believe (cause that's all you got at the moment )

I thought of the power of believing and how important it is.

When I read all these articles of the worlds youngest billionaire or how this guy lost 50 pounds, I always think what about the in between? When they were transitioning? Why do you always have to come off as the victorious hero who won his demons. Why could you not be a hero who is strong in becoming? Is that so wrong? I don't think so. The world more people who are struggling to come out rather than those who won the battle.

Trying times are perhaps 20 percent of someones day, lets not lie. Its not always rainbows and sunshine. There is heavy rain too. So talk about the rain together. Stop this taboo of not being able to talk about your problems. Who made these rules? All that matters is:

  1. You are not broken  but  strong in becoming.

2. Self doubt is not bad its just the shy best friend of self confidence.

3.Your morning breath is a good reminder of how sometimes being alive stinks! You just have to roll with the punches. 

3.Laughing at yourself is good, so it crying at yourself. No, don't worry last time I checked I that does not qualify as serious mental illness. 

Here is the thing (insert pop culture reference) 
Sam Simth and Adele would have never won a Grammy if they stopped singing because he was heart broken. 
Oprah would never have a magazine called O where she would be in the cover every time! If she let her abusive father or broken childhood get to her.

These people chose the other way which is to believe. They did not let hardships define them. Yes, I may only have a few hundreds of you reading. But, if I try harder, work harder and chose to believe t that happened I got this. Eventually I will get it. So will you. 

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