Monday, August 10, 2015

6 Important things you should do If you are ever bullied in high school

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1. Talk to someone

If you are in high school and having a tough time perhaps the best thing would be not to share the feeling with your peers but rather a mentor. Someone who is older like your sister, parents or teachers. It is never fun to be vulnerable but its better than feeling unsafe any day.

2.  Counselors are life savers

Firstly, going to psychological counselor is nothing to be ashamed of, it actually makes you grow in tremendous ways and helps you develop emotionally. Think of it this way your counselling session is a tiny spec on the broad canvas that is your life but this spec is Marilyn Monroe's mole and the canvas is Marilyn Manroe's so its this very spec you have which makes you, YOU. Do you get it? This was your story you needed this mole in your life to become the bigger and better you. Not vengeful or angry but wise and happy.

3. If you find elders bullying you, you are not alone 

If someone much older to you in fact a teacher bullies you just know that it happens to many people and you can still get protection. Internet makes everything easy so if not family and friends look for institutions who are dedicated to help you, there are forums, groups of people helping each other join them. Having a trained individual helping you is much better than having many people who don't.

4. You can ask for help MORE than once

Its a trial and error method, since this is your special Marilyn Monroe mole sometimes getting it is hard but definite. If you feel that one counselor is not helping you enough go to another, keep asking for help but to the RIGHT people. It does not make you INSECURE or NEEDY (words used by my previous bullies), it makes you really really courageous so go ahead and ask for as much help as you need.

5. Appreciate what you have 

Right now that 4 to 5 people or in my case almost an entire class could feel like your entire life its not. Learn to see, look at the worry in your moms eyes, the concern in your dads/teacher/sister/friend/acquaintance and even a strangers voice. Everyone cares for you and you should appreciate that. If you feel like you don't belong here you belong SOMEWHERE. A small countryside, a big city, half way across the world. There is a world for you.

6.  Find your passion (notice how I do not say try here because it is not a matter of trying to find a passion, it is a matter of finding one no matter what)

I don't care if its burping alphabets, painting or dancing just do you (unless if its self harm or harm to others in general then STOP). Create an escape in your mind, through painting, writing, blogging. Create a world where you feel safe and you have control and GO CRAZY. At the end of the day that is what will set you apart. That is what will make you, You.

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