Thursday, September 17, 2015

What is your purpose in life?

I am guessing that you are feeling lost and alone.
1. Because you googled what is the your purpose in life.
2. Because you thought google would actually know the answer.

There are so many people around you working towards something. Those that slave off for a better living, those who do not care, those who care for deeper understanding and then there are us those who are confused lost and googling their purpose in life.

I am 22 years Old  maybe old for some of you. Super young and "what do you know about life" for some:

Whatever it maybe, I am still living so I am guessing there maybe something that I know about life.

I know when to  (scroll down to find out what happiness is )

Say its okay

You screwed up once or twice its okay or maybe its your 5th time now, thats where I draw the line call your family member they may help you. That being said. Its okay is an inner dialogue.  Many of us have it but most of it do not use it. We cry and whine about something thats not so great only to realize you are still Okay 5 months after that. That is whats okay. You are whats okay. Say its okay cause honestly it is.

The pause

At times it seems like you need to take the world by storm, sometimes the people around you get to you. At times your inner dialogue gets to you.The pause in life is an important right of passage, pause if it gets too hard. If you do not enjoy something just pause. Lately blogging feels like homework more than an outlet where I aspire to inspire. Honestly, people got to me. The idea of "Success" got to me. It seemed like the pieces did not fit together. It dawned on me that regardless of  how much success eludes people and how much ever you try to chase the "Success" if you do not enjoy it, then pause and come back to it later

So What is your purpose in life?

It is whatever you want it to be.

 Babies are so happy in life because they know exactly what they want. Poop, eat, sleep and repeat. Why do we complicate it? Yes, we have responsibilities and issues but is it really worth not knowing your purpose in life? 

I wrote this post for me, so given that you are curious about life to find out. You already know the answer, you know what is your purpose in life is. You are just scared. So the question is not what is my purpose in life but what is causing me to be so scared to pursue my purpose?

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  1. This is exactly how I am feeling right now. So lost and uncertain about my future. But reading this certainly helped me calm down a little.