Thursday, December 31, 2015

5 Things You should Not Do in 2016

New year, New me.

If it did not happen for a year by simply saying a phrase things are not changing. Also, what does a new me mean? As soon as the clock strikes 12 you magically grow horns? Growth and change is a process stop acting like a change in the date is going to fix what you want fixed, even for a pair of horns you need years of planning and the hard question of do you really want horns? How much will the surgery cost? How do you plan to start your day? Just live and let live will you. You can lose that 15 pounds your entire facebook group does not need to know.

Reading Horoscopes

You need to stop setting expectations of your day, your month or your year based on your horoscope. For instance: A person who was told that they may experience financial troubles on their forecast could have won a lottery that very day. So stop. A person with often brightly decorated forehead and a monotous voice does not know your future. Also, 3 lines on the back of a newspaper cannot justify all that goes in your life. Be the controlling element in your life and not listen to someone who is paid to sit and tell you how you should behave.

 Judge An Octopus

Do not be quick to judge. It was quite ironic to me that I judged a person who got an octopus tattoo on his arm on some show, “Are you serious? Who gets an octopus on their arm?? And forever?”, only to forget that I had an elephant tattoo on mine. So it’s simple before you point one finger to others three are pointing towards you, you may have an elephant on your arm so do not judge those who have an octopus.  (If you know what I mean)

  Stop With The Comparing

There are many things wrong with life at times but comparing is like that extra seasoning you add on your salad which you definitely did not need. Now you are left with a bowl full of bitter or overly tangy vegetables and you eat all of it because you paid a lot of money for it. Are you happy now? You can’t even taste the veggies. Here is a simple thought you were born on different days, if not look different, have different background, learnt different things, have different passion and hobbies in life, so what are basing your comparison on? Even Siamese twins are not the same and sometimes they are joined to the hips.

 Stop Acting like Its The End

It is most probably not. So whatever it is that is getting you down you can fix it. People change, things change, everything CHANGES. You use to wear a diaper once, you no longer do that. Be grateful for how far you have come and realize the present today is not going to be the future. It will change. 

Happy New Year people ! Make it a year that counts whichever way you want to...


  1. Thumbs up! Happy new year Ayushree :)

    1. Happy New year Raneej :) thanks for the read !

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  3. That elephant tattoo.. >.< Yes, do not judge others. If we don't know anything bout it, there is no reason for us to voicing our negative thought to others. Most importantly, don't be negative! Nice post. I love the way you present it! Keep it up girl!


    1. Yes dear stay clear of negativity and it shall take you to great places!