Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The time I learnt to be a Superhero again..

Do you remember the days you spent using your moms shawl around your neck as a cape. 
The way you would fight the evil monsters who tried to eat your cookies or maybe went on a dangerous expedition where the couch was your only friend whilst you jumped around to save yourself from boiling lava?

When I was 3 years old  people asked me what do I want to be when I grow up,  I told them a model, doctor and a truck driver people laughed rejoiced in my answer day in and day out.

Grade 4 my teacher told me I could not draw.
Grade 2 my teacher told me that I was not strong to play football.
Years went on and strangely more people started telling me what I can and cannot do.

 From that day onwards I never truly believed I could play football. I was convinced I could never draw so my drawing books of crooked figurines were wrapped up and put in the storage.

I always liked the idea of a superhero or super heroine, how they lived double lives. How they could do what they wanted to do (so I thought).

Soon enough.

The “you cannot draw” turned into “ I cannot draw”
The “you are not strong enough” turned into “I am not strong enough”
The “you cannot write in English” turned into “I am not good in writing”

Somehow other people decided what I am. They decided what I could and could not do.

The reality I chose was chosen by people who did not even know me. They did not know I would stay up all night thinking of writing pieces, they did not know that I once dreamt of starring in a movie like bend it like beckham, they did not know that I want to have my clothing line in the future. THEY DID NOT EVEN KNOW ME, yet I let them decide.

I stopped believing that I am a super hero and could do anything I put my mind and soul into. Instead I became this reality that I myself did not believe.

It took a lot of reminder, to remind myself that this is not my reality. My grade 4 self will thank me now. It took sleepless nights of questioning and more days of trying to figure out who I truly am. I am the reality I chose to be. I am the person I want to be. I am not a teachers comment, I am not what other people tell me I am.

It is hard for everyone growing up, you are constantly pinned down by words, sentences that you do not believe to be true yet you accept. You choose a reality readily given to you instead of digging deeper to find out what truly should be YOU. 

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  1. Behind most of the Success Stories it was someone in their life, who long back told them they could not be what they are known for Today. From Einstein's Childhood Teacher to Darwin's own Father!
    Great Read. :)

    1. Thank you :) Yes! so many amazing people to draw inspirations from.. It is all about perspective how we all look at ourselves when challenged.

  2. One thing that I have realized is you should not let others get to you. You are the only one who knows your true potential. Once you let others influence you in the wrong ways you tend to lose confidence and take their assumptions to be your reality. I still have some trouble getting through with this problem but I do try my best. After all you are the girl with potential and there will be people who will judge you. You just need to stay strong and not let it get to you.