Saturday, September 17, 2016

Serials and S Word

I admit my guilty pleasure is occasionally flickering channels and  landing on the notorious big flamboyant sets of  south east asian shows. My other guilty pleasure? I do it more often than I admit. Usually I do it to laugh at their ridiculousness but this time it was different. 

Just recently, I had come across this series in which to instigate one man the other man( who is also the main lead in the series btw) claims to have "done the deed" with his soon to be wife, the lines he used were " We did everything a husband and wife do". This is one of the thing that irked  me primarily because it is not just something husband and wife do. Yea, get over the fact I said that aunty.

 Long story short the instigated ego hurt man comes charging in to his fiance's room the day of the wedding and demands the she "do the deed" with him aswell, let me add that the person who spread this rumor did so because he wanted to get a revenge on the girl he loved the reason for the revenge you ask?  She was marrying someone else. Massive EYE ROLL. SOME LOVE. However, just in time like a true masochistic hero the lover comes in and saves the girl. WOW. What are you thinking producers? What? What makes it worse the youtube comments of this episode read "Wow so happy the hero saved her!!! " If I roll my eyes farther down I may never get them back so I am going to stop. You carry on though. 

There are so many things wrong with this. First, when you have a chance to educate people about SEX why do you fall short south east Asian serials? You maybe wondering it's just an episode. But, no its not, it's a chance for people who have the influence and reach to educate reason and logic. Not be like " Here is the same old boy saves girl mantra who wants it?" 

Second, why is it that the same person who started the whole thing came in to save her just because he is the MALE lead? What would  this teach a love sick heart broken teenager if he is watching? That he needs to create the same scenario before saving  the damsel ? Yes, I know you see the ridiculousness in this, so did I. Unfortunately, the directors did not. 

How about if the plot had kick ass  twist and the woman low key was trained in self defense and kicked the criminals ass? That would have gotten a round of applause or a standing ovation from me. Infact, it would have given young girls something to look up to instead of the actors outfit and the way she looks. Don't you think?

As I stood there witnessing a situation that many woman have gone through in real life I realized that no matter how progressive we ought to think of ourselves the television majority of our community watch certainly is not.  Hence, why be shocked when we hear rumors of a woman's private life in public places mostly coming from ex lovers and flings often fueled with revenge?  Baseless rumors that harasses women, bullies them. 

This is quite candid from the other blogs I do, not because I talk about SEX but because I talk about something many women face growing up but no one dares to speak about. Especially in our community. To everyone who reckless judgedes a woman for what she did behind closed door or what she did not, let us remember it was behind closed doors and that should not be our business. 

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