Sunday, March 19, 2017

The left-overs

Have you ever scrammed to the kitchen and whipped up something in a hurry? Has it turned out so good that you were actually surprised? Well, I am that small mountain of rice sitting at the far end of your refrigerator, waiting to be turned into some scrumptious like a fried rice. No, I am not into something weird and this not my attempt at dirty talk.

I am like most of you just a  left-over in life. Let me explain.

Your vital years start in school, this is when people truly put there judgement on you. Are you smart? Naught? Funny?  Well, the left-overs are a mixture of all but not quite a star in any. Which means if we got lost in a school trip it would take them a good 2 days to realise that we were missing. Ouch. Maybe not that bad but you get the picture.

We in the quintessential sense never shined, may have in little tiny groups or in the corner of our houses but never bright enough to wow people with our intelligence or charisma, we were also not built to shine bright like a diamond (this was humor. I know it was a bad one. quit judging me susan.)

We were the scraps of life that are left behind often a mix of plain rice or some achaar no one bothered to touch at the party. 

Not being picked stung at times, questions would cross your mind, is it the way I look? smell? Why was I picked last or not celebrated like the rest of the people around me? Am I not good enough?

Becoming a left over in school meant a lot of things in life it meant going to the average university and meeting average expectations.  I mean how much can a leftover aloo ko chaar really wow you?
Infact, if you served left over to your guests they might actually be offended.

Don't get me wrong, I did try to be picked first, I seasoned myself and even if I was the plate of plain rice I  tried to be the best god damn plate of rice there is. However, it was exhausting all I really wanted to be was a plate rice act plain and still be treated special cause people understood my value. The added effort seemed unfair as others were celebrated for being just themselves. Why couldn't I be celebrated for being a left over?

But it all changed one day.
The faithful day of ........(I am that person who doesn't remember dates or birthdays apologies in advance) well yes one fine day I ran (yes ran I do take food very seriously) to my kitchen and grabbed a plate of left over rice. I was hangry and 2 minutes away from turning into the furious hulk. I tossed that plate of rice, some veggies and improvised other things to whip up the most delicious tasting fried rice there is, sure it was not spectacular but it did the job. Stopped my hulk transformation.

That day I realized, the importance of being a leftover, our job was not to shine through, it was to be there and help when needed. We provided security and comfort, we made an impact even after the big finish.

So here is to us, we may not be the first to get picked but we are still worthy, we may not have gone to the best schools but we are still capable. We may have not impressed everyone in the room but we can still leave a lasting impression. We may not have been the first momo to get picked out but we still made for a bomb tasting left over Kothey.

Cheers to all of you left-overs, even when the situation did not demand it you rose to the occasion. You tried even when no one noticed.  

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