Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Why Self-love is over-rated ?

You know what? Can I say it? You won't pounce on me if I do? I think Self love is over-rated. There I said it.


Well for instances there have been more times I have worried that I don't #Selflove myself than of times where I actually truly dislike myself. What? Has GWP lost it, nope. Well maybe a little, but haven't we all at one point.

What I mean is the pressure to love yourself and your flaws is so high right now that I feel my tinniest inclination of not feeling myself some days will ring the alarm for all the people who use #Slay #Self-love way too much on their instragram to come and pounce on me.

And frankly I can't be the only one feeling this. There are days when I feel fiery hot! Maybe not fiery but then that could also be cause I just ate 5 hot wings in one sitting but honestly some days everything works out. Your hair is on point, you are not bloated (that is the dream btw if you didn't know)and basically you embody the crown emoji with all its glory.

And then... there are days when your hair doesn't sit right, last night momo has left you feeling like one and well your nose ain't right and let me not start with the right side of your right eye! And before we label this as feminist or a woman thing let me just tell you that men have to bare the burden of looking great all the time aswell. And what is with looking tamed and like a wilder beast at the same time, when did that become a thing?

Anyhoo, ( this is my sad attempt at transition. Pardon by Fren....English!)

I am an avocado by nature which means neither can I say I am curvy and I love it, or walk a Victoria secrets ramp any time soon but the pressure I put on myself with the added pressure of wannabe feminist ad campaigns telling me to fix my flawless self gets to me. Why can't you be real and just go "Girl your hair is nasty, Go take wash it with Pantene Pro... whatever" ?

You can't do that cause no one would buy our product! Screams an overly worked marketing manager from somewhere. I feel you.

 Pantene won't say that because we like things that are  insincere in the most genuine way. We want you to believe a whole bunch of things even we ourselves don't believe in.

Times like these I wonder if Einstein sat in his chair going " Damn! I wish I had Shea butter up in this hair I need some serious moisturizing." God! How ignorant of thegirlwithpotential to boil down a genius into someone with body insecurities. To that I say, "Were you his friend? Did you see what he did alone in his bed room? " No? Alright then let me believe that Einstein had body issues cause damn right you and everyone in here needs to believe that he did, that even the great falter when it comes to poorly styled hair!

The world is changing from the collectivist that we were to now appreciating the dare devils the free thinkers, to now loving the the individualist. But, the funny part about being free thinkers and individualist is we have still not been able to shake of the collectivist in us, we want people to be themselves but only if they are  are the exact themselves we like; even when celebrating the imperfections we wanted it to be celebrated with perfection.

An avocado woman like myself can't go ugh I feel utterly disgusting today, nope. You have to embrace the avocado, be the avocado, eat the avocado.....Okay getting hungry. You get my point. Basically the new wave of Self love has hit us so hard that no one dare speak about what they dislike about their bodies or themselves because that in itself is self destructive, but is not internalizing all of this and crying in the room alone at night worse?

And as I sit here letting my double chin loose for wherever it hopes to go cause I sure as hell am not moving from this couch, I want you to tell you to let go aswell, let go of the pressure that you have to be a certain way, that you have take all the advices thrown at you, that you have to be perfect in all aspects.

You don't have to be the epitome of self-love just because you are a millennial. Educate yourself, but don't fester over it and insecurely promote positive body image on your social media page when in the loneliness of your home you still sometimes feel kind of ugly, its okay everyone does! Einstien did! or so I hope. Label Self-love the way you want to, for me its a celebration of good health not an insentience need to be perfect all the time.

With that sassy and salty post I wish you all a very happy Valentines day! It's all about you! 

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