Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Self pity is Self destruction

Yes go ahead well yourselves in the why me, why this, why god that all of us have stumbled upon at one point in our lives. The moment you reach for the box of tissues you are gearing yourself up for self pity. This self pity I have come to realise is a self destruction button.

Sometimes things in life do not make sense. You feel wronged cause despite how good you have been you find you’re self betrayed by life. A wife who loves her husband finds herself cheated on, a daughter finds herself replaced by step kids, a business man finds himself broke cause his partner cheated. The list can go on and on. While you wait for karma that never comes, while you wait for justice that never prevails you question god. You argue, you state all the good things you have done in your life and yet you are well how to put it more discreetly in deep shit. You become aggressive and angry towards the people who treated you wrong this was what I was for a very long time, trust me did not help. As I kept getting angry I found more things wrong with my life, it was always the negatives and it was always why mes? Anything from an innocent slip that led to a coffee stain on your shirt why me? a pimple on my forehead why me? After all that you have given me god you give me a pimple too? Do not lie we all have at some point resorted to self-pity to well just sulk.

Eventually my confidence level dropped, i got scared of life because well everything was bound to go wrong. Where it’s not wrong to feel that sometimes, gives you a good excuse you act like the leading lady of a movie while sipping on coffee and munching on chocolates mending your betrayed broken heart. Eventually time catches up, while you keep thinking all the things that are wrong with your life, the good things slips of too. 

There is more than sliver lining you can look for if you give you a chance. So before you reach for the self destruction think of all the things you do have in your life. For me I have my family. We forget to have gratitude show compassion because well you know everything is about you. You tend to become a self-obsessed diva and Oh boy have I! To put it straight when your get drenched in rain and ruin your clothes, some people do not even have clothes.

Hurting is easy, forgiving is difficult but necessary. We all hurt, its okay but we need to forgive not for anyone else but for you. To move on forward I keep forgiving the people that hurt me, because while I hurt life catches up. 

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