Wednesday, February 26, 2014

When Relatives Come To Town

Well I have relatives settled all over; we are a scattered bunch so I do tend to experience these things quite a lot. I am from Nepal and our relatives have certain tendencies that do not go unnoticed.

The first meeting,

 interrogation: “Chori kasto cha ta Malaysia?, Khana mitho cha? Kati baki cha padhna? K padhira?” These are the fillers what your studying , how is the place, the food, although you may have given a rather detailed answer to all these question when you met them the last time they bubble up again and you will most likely reply in a similar manner only to be asked about it again when they visit.

The observation: This will start maybe a few hours into the meeting the small talk has passed and conversations have moved on the more real stuff. Which is you! You are most likely to be dissected in every way possible to either come to a conclusion that you have gotten thinner, chubbier or pimples since the last time they saw you. If they think you have gotten prettier or uglier than the last time, phrases like you have become so different and You are different Ayushree will fly around. Yes! Those things have been said to me when at the age of 20 I suddenly and acne problem!

 The money thing: Picture this, you awkwardly saying good bye to your relative while holding rolled money in your hand that you quite shamefully to put in your pocket! Who does this? I do! Where did the money come from? Oh just your relative’s discreet hand shake that when it’s over results in money in your hand and a smile in their face. It almost looks like you are taking a bribe. The exchanges that follow after this are quite predictable, who politely decline to take it while they furiously tell you to accept, and eventually you lose. So now you have some money that you are secretly making plans to spend despite the reluctance we all show when we take it. Yes! We all have been there!

This is just a little break down of what usually happens along with fun, laughter and lots of love!

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