Thursday, February 27, 2014

Temple Run!

Annoying people you run into in a Temple. Are you one of them?

The bad ass: Going to the temple with pants a little or too low! The moment you bow down to god, you are letting the world know how much of a bad ass you are. Anytime I go to a temple there is always that one guy who seems to have lost his belt! I am left with a horrible view of cheeks that do not belong in his face but definitely in his pants. A simple advise next time you go to a temple, remember there is a lot of kneeling down involved and if you honestly want to pray then make sure you do not disturb or disgust people with what you have to offer. You do not see what I see, and what I see ain’t pretty! So make sure you either wear a super long shirt or well fitted pants, because all though I respect your fashions choices leave the bagged up pants for the streets of Kathmandu and not the temples. Trousers perhaps?

Old but deadly: She is old, she looks weak but she is feisty! Some old ladies in temples seem to think it is a battle ground. When you are queuing up to pray do fear if an old lady is there. Do not let her white hair, fragile structure and wrinkles fool you. I have noticed quite a few them they ignorantly walk past the line, perhaps believing that the age gives them authority to meet god without queuing up unlike the rest of us. God forbid you are in front of them; they will use every strength they have to push you out of their way. So, from the line to the darshan know for sure that they will not just let you be.

The menace: These people are those that do not respect the temple and yet they come to pray. They disregard any form of order, break line and push people. These individuals will shout and no they are not chanting prayers and scream at people who take a wee bit long. The screaming is so bad sometimes I forget my prayer half away.  However, one of the worst things they do is spit! Right near the temple, people who lack civic sense and do not seem to care about the consequences of their action. Oh my god did I just describe almost every Nepali? Yes I did!

The ignorant: However, the worst out of the lot are the ignorant people like you and I. We carry our role rather perfectly comment about the dirt if necessary; make faces at people who seem to annoy us. We judge when required but we never and when I say never I mean it do anything to fight back. There was this one time I fought that also in hindi all that serial watching came in handy I suppose but that was it. We all do the right thing wait for our turn, do not litter but when it comes making others realise their responsible thinking it is not our place. Well if it’s your temple it’s your place, this is more of a reminder to me than anyone else.

PS: Praying should be about a spiritual connect with god, do not spoil it for others and learn to respect.

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