Monday, March 3, 2014

What the TV remote control was for me

I basically grew up in front of the television  to giving solo performance to myself as my favorite song came along, to eating chatting gossiping while gossip girl, oh let’s not lie some hindi serial was our back ground score.  So you can imagine that I have had some what a love hate relationship with my remote controller. How you ask? Oh let me tell you! The remote control for me besides well a remote control was:

A Bitch:

It seemed like it knew the moment my grandmother would enter. TV played this kissing scene out of no where, who knew that in the midst of enjoying a sappy Nicholas sparks movie! My grandmother would walk in the only kissing scene and my remote would stop working ? Coincidentally my remote control would forget how to function it was almost like it remembered all the time you banged it at the end to make it work, no pun intended. So now here I was awkwardly looking at my grandmom who looked back at me with pure disgust. Yikes! No explanation was given that would make it worse so I moved on, acted like I did not notice her while I recovered from my recent battle with my remote control in the hope to change the channel. Well, yea my remote has been a bitch in numerous occasions such as this one.

The trophy: 
If you have a sibling then this has happened to you. Remember how your older sister made a rule that whoever gets the remote keeps it, now remember how this almost never happened because she was strong enough to quickly snatch it from you even if you got it first? Exactly! I put up a fight though scratching, hair pulling were just a few tricks up my sleeve. However, there were these rare occasions when I would actually win! That glorious remote control would be mine! and for an hour or so I would be able to watch Dora go to all sorts of places, before getting it snatched again.It was great while it lasted.

The mic : 

 Well this is very self-explanatory,  the moment the song I loved would come up, took out my mic/remote control thanked my imaginary audience and I began. Nothing else matter, all I needed was a beyonce or to be honest back street boy song and I was there with my imaginary mic with my imaginary crowd singing at the grammy obviously. To be totally honest even got a standing ovation once or twice.

So, What has your remote control been for you?

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