Friday, March 7, 2014

How anti-aging cream advertisements got it wrong, or very right!

We often come across people describing woman as if describing a good piece of steak; adjectives like juicy and delicious are flying all over. Women mostly in Bollywood movies are often used as objects of desire, entertainment and lust. I am not against Bollywood dances and movies I love them, but its missing is acceptance. Accept that apart from the dance movies they have more to offer.

This often makes me wonder if on a parallel universe if things were done differently what would happen. What if two female cops were seen enjoying their drinks at a male strip club instead of the given. Also, Bollywood movies show item boys luring the audience with their laktas and jhaktkas. What if there were anti-aging commercials for men who looked beaten down and unappreciated by their woman due to the few lines of wrinkles that appeared in their face. How would that be?

George Clooney is still considered a total babe regardless of his white hair  or his wrinkles but you seldom find  an actress with his given that much of attention or appreciation over her looks. I am far too young to justify that men get better with age, but what I can agree on is people are more accepting of a balding man than a wrinkled woman.

Anti-aging creams adverts paint pictures that if you are not wrinkled free the chance of you having a good relationship with your husband is slim. So, yes you must hurry and grab that bottle of miracle for 99.99. Pay the price to keep your man by your side. A wrinkle free wife is a happy one. A woman is made to believe through these adverts that if you are aging which is perfectly normal, you should be worried.

What if there was a different picture painted, where women were also like wine or cheese, the older the better. So, are the anti- aging cream commercials really wrong or simply a subtle depiction of what really goes on most societies.

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