Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Reasons to hate the food channel

Let’s be honest here when you are studying abroad, you miss the people your family sure but what you miss more? Is the constant availability of food everywhere, there is no such thing as running out of food. I love to eat and hence one of my most favorite things to do is watch food channel. Hold up! It is not always pretty. Where the glorious food, may satisfy your eyes my taste buds are usually still soaking up that horrible aftertaste of the sandwich I  attempted to make while  hungry.

When to not love a food channel
Alone factor :
The importance of family is not someone who loves you but makes sure you are never hungry, joking…. Or am I ? Well those who study abroad all know that we live off our monthly allowance, or the part time job which means? You’re basically starving half the month. Befriending instant oatmeals to roti cannai along with ramen becomes a necessity. So, I suggest do not open your laptops and watch videos of people making stuff that you cannot afford well atleast in your college life. Do not fall into darkness, which eventually leads you to feeling homesick. Have dreams of raining momos, instagram old food pictures with #tbt #imisshome and find yourself stalk other peoples food picture. We are better than that, are we not?

 Lazy factor: Cooking at home consists of  left overs out of the fridge and mixing it in a saucer. However, a uni student is very unlikely to have any grocery to begin with. So thought of ever cooking a decent meal  apart from the sad tuna sandwich or a pack of ramen noodles leaves as quickly as it enters your mind. The lazy factor hence forbids us of working out the long process of preparing the food.

Quick tip: want to make a university student cry? Make sure you send them a link to any food channel around the end of every month. And let the tears flow!

However there are certain times when the timing is just right. It all starts that one faithful day when your dad has brought take out, you have been paid that minimum wage, a call saying the money has been transferred to your account. That day the universe listens to you and you have the power to spend a shit load of money on take out to park yourself in front of the food channel and eat. For the first time in a while you will be actually as full as the person eating in the tv. Life seems to take new meaning. Or does it? Well this lasts about a week or so, and eventually doom returns again with thinning wallets and bigger appetites nearing the end of the month.

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