Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The mo code

The mo code is pretty simple, things many mothers do out of habit that annoys us just a little bit or sometimes a lot. 

Let me explain the MO code to you.

 Hair story: It goes without saying that your mom will be tucking and pulling you in all sorts of places especially your hair, not a strand should be out a place. However, if you are like me all your hair ever will be is out of place, so when a mom takes her pretend "hand" straightener  pulling your monkey hairs long enough for people to stare she means serious business. Every mother will make their children tresses a private business to fix your hair, all you can do is sign and let her try.

The look : This look is quite simple, easy to spot. When your mom sees you with your friends she quickly takes mental notes of how your friends are.All of it! When you get home she will be prepared with a set of notes and let the comparison begin. It will start with the basic, complimenting your friend which leads to how despite her wavy hair she has excellent braiding skills. OH mother!

The aunty effect: This happens when your mom is happily serving food to your friends. And without any warning bam! It happens she will remember every embarrassing thing you have done so far, note: to my seven year old self, why were you so stupid? It usually starts with what you did as a kid, gradually leading up to how you never clean the house. Oh well, my mom can work that into any conversation if given the chance. This works fine though cause when I go to my friends I hear their shortcomings aswell, it all about the give and take people!

When I was your age theory: Your mom will be the biggest strength and your critic in your life. However, many time while explaining something she might go so far out to how she was when she was your age. How she took care of her, helped out and yada yada you know the drill. Sometimes she is so into the stories she is telling she might not even realize that you are too consumed in your instagram feed to listen. 

The stare: Probably the scariest of all is when your with company and something you said has left them quite uncomfortable, whats worse is you were oblivious to the angry stares your mom was throwing at you with a hint of nose flare during the whole ordeal. It is only when the deed is done that you truly realize you are deep shit.

PS: These things are a recollection of my observation of all the moms out there including mine. However, these things may annoy you but it feels to good to know that someone is making sure you looking out for you. I love you mamu <3

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