Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Touch base with reality: Different kinds of happy endings needed.

Inspiration strikes anywhere, it recently struck me when I was watching a movie. It was something quite different fun quirky and raised many important questions. It was probably one of the first movies where not ending up with male lead was the best thing that could happen.

It was an eye opener, why? Because it did not meet the status quo of happy endings no kiss in the sunset, no bitter heart breaking good bye. It needed no hand holding, no hugging just smiles. Rewind: to all the movies I have watched. The guy saves the damsel in distress, the girl leaves her jerk bf for the lovable kind man who loves her strongly and they live happily ever after. Rarely do they break up, but the life ends there doesn’t it? The sad female lead takes her life, tries to move on sheds a tear or two. This pretty much sums up most of the romantic movies. This strikes a chord with all of us, those who have been in love or so called “love”, had their hearts broken and found love again. It makes sense, but should it always be this way?

The movies you watch, music you listen to influences a lot what you think. How many of us attempted to mend our hearts with a tub of ice cream and romantic comedies? Hoping for our situations to have a happy ending too? I! However the happy endings can mess with your head. It shows that either you have that kiss on the sunset or nothing at all? Can someone alone never have a happy ending? I know having someone you love is the best thing ever, but having best friends who love you, granny who cheers you up, mothers who give you strength, sisters who give you laughter best things as well?

 I have heard stories of young people taking their lives in the name of love. Stories of my cousins who tell me of their classmates who end their lives due to toxic relations, there were most probably other attributing factors as well. But often while we sought for the happy endings while broken hearted we do not realize the reality. We tend to get so wrapped up on our problems failing to see so many people around us are looking out for us. A broken heart is normal and is experienced several times. But a broken heart also helps you get stronger no matter how cliché it may sound. It’s time to stop wondering off to the kiss in the sunset, the dramatic chase to the airport and touch base with reality. The reality being it may be quite devastating now but it could probably be the best thing that’s happen to you in 10 years’ time. Do not stop yourself for seeing that life doesn’t stop, you just have to just push yourself harder to appreciate things in life.  

What we are in need are new movies that do not just end in these two scenarios, where love fails us but we do not fail on love. But movies that show that while hurting you learn not to get hurt so much (without being depressing!). Where a break up with one not so fancy person does not always lead to falling in the arms of a gentle man next minute.  

PS: I am no expert but gentle reminders to those who think you either deserve a kiss in the sunset or despair there is always a third option of letting it go and becoming a better person.

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