Tuesday, April 29, 2014

3 Awkward Moments In Life

These are probably the very average things that we all go through but always seems to make us a little more uncomfortable.
1. The impending doom:

This is basically defining any moment leading upto using a public toilet. The slow awkward peek you give to the toilet seat, and a walk almost a glide. Open the bathroom stall and a slight stretch of the neck to see the seat all this while wishing to not witness the remains of someone else dirty deeds. Nasty right? Well, we have all been there where a quick peak may have ruined your appetite FOREVER.

2. The Should I Say hello?:

Okay! Let me break it down for you, a normal walk to the class, shit! From a far distance you see that person you met few days ago friends of friend. What was her name!!! Lets say Natalii. But is that really her yup she is. Too late to change directions? Yep too late. Okay screw it. *Bitch walk *bitch walk. OMG is she smiling? Usually the answer here is no …. Continue *bitch face. Hey search for something in your bag, close…. And done. Awkward exchanges of small talk averted.

3. Anyone wants a lift? :

Elevators have a reputation for being awkward. It starts of by repeated pressing off the button. The crowd builds around and you secretly devise an entry plan you move closer. The lift arrives, you made it! A little nudge here and a little push there. An elevator ride may only take up to few seconds but it feels like an eternity. What makes it worse are the awkward eye contacts that leave you feeling violated. Something about that enclosed of 8*12 that makes everything uncomfortable. It is okay, just two more floors, pretended to be interested in the ceiling. Yes, we all do that. But probably the worst moment of being in the elevator is when you have to get off a crowded one and you look like you are doing a silly little dance while you push yourself all the while murmuring sorry! Freedom from that hell hole. Okay exaggeration! But you get my point :)

PS: stay happy and remember me when you come across all of these, guessing it will be soon! Or might be happening right now 

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