Thursday, May 22, 2014

Confessions of Girl With a Low Pitched Voice

Almost always a girl’s voice is associated with being high pitched. That is all fine and all but amidst all of the “honey your home” in a high pitch chirp people fail to realise there are those like me who are not quite there. These are some of the challenges I face for being a girl with a low pitched voice.

No I am not a dude: Ordering food on the phone is almost terrifying. Instances like having to correct them to refer to you as a Madam instead of Sir is not surprising at all. At times, you tend to just proceed with the order all the while being referred to as Sir Ayushree Thapa. Well. Great.

Yes, I am excited: Having a deep voice means no squeakiness and this is  generally used by almost all girls to show their gratitude, excitement and so on. Cannot picture it? Imagine saying phrases like OMG!, YAY! in a deep voice. These phrases do not work for us our monotone responses make it seem like we don’t give a F*** when in reality we might be dying of excitement. Well, on the plus side it stops us from sounding like a bimbo at times.

So you think you can sing? : Most likely girls with low pitched voice have a playlist filled with Rihana, Beyonce, Dido, Nina Simone than the latter Adrian Grande, Mariah Carrey, Whitney Houston or Justin Bieber. Let me tell you why? Because we prefer to sing to pitches that we can actually try to match instead of attempting to sing any high pitched voice that will most definitely make us sound like a Hyena. You know what I am talking about the little break like squealing in your voice when you attempt to sing like Whitney, you wish.And yes I goggled “sounds hyena makes” before I wrote it down here so I know what I am talking about.

No, I am not a dude 2 : Phrases such as “I thought I called a wrong number, you sound like a guy” by your friends are all too familiar.

But it is not all bad; When I have sore throat my voice has an ability to sound incredibly sexy. #selfcrushing 

note: To those of you who do not know what a hyena sounds like.

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