Thursday, August 14, 2014

When a girl is not asking for it?

My trips to the nearby pub/club has been frequent. Well I am holidaying so I suppose that is understandable. While my friends and I shake what our mama gave us I came across a few characters who need to be told when a girl is not asking for it. Shall I start? Here we go.

·       Sine you are dressed like that :

When a girl has any kind out outfit on long, short, tight, loose what does that translate to?  Today she felt like being dressed up as a sex bomb, other days perhaps like a hippie doesn’t mean that she wants you to follow/scan her with you beady eyes. Usually girls dress up for themselves, shocking right? But that’s the truth. Theres is no hidden meaning to this. She doesn’t want to get hit on, be someones grind machine. She wants to have a good time. For  her coming to club is a process. Process of  getting ready, excited making themselves feel better. A girl can be dressed up for many reason and you are not one of them so just stop!

·       Shake it till you make it:

 Listen up. Here is news for you. When I shake left and right , when I bust a move to my favourite song does it not translate into me being drunk. Unlike what you see and believe a girl goes to a club to dance. Stop making assumption by linking the drink in my hand the kind of dance moves I do and to how drunk I am. There are girls who can handle their drink, those who do not doesn’t mean that you are welcome to take the advantage of that. Some of us may seem out of place while we sing loudly, sweating, make up washed up but we are not! We just don’t care so you shouldn’t too.

·       Clubbing = morale less/ characterless girl ? :

During my stay here in Malaysia I have met few people who are passionately against things like these. They make sure their views are heard all around and shoved up other people’s faces. I have seen their hypocrisy. I have seen their battle with certain beliefs. To all such people I say stop! No one asked you what you think and as you judge me for the clothes I wear the places I go to. I judge you for judging someone based on superficial things. For all you know she may have a 3.9 Gpa, be very honest to her parents and have principles she abides by. She may have more character than anyone you know. So clubbing certainly doesn’t say anything about her values but judging someone for such things says a lot about you.

 Ps : To the girls who have had to go through all of this. Time to break the silence and tell people how it really is. Also although i have referred to guys a lot when it comes to making judgement. A lot of girls have done it too. People in general need to stop passing judgement.

“ The idea is to write it so that people hear it
and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.”

~ Maya Angelou ~

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