Tuesday, September 23, 2014

'If not me who? If not now when?' -Emma Watson

Yes you guessed it.. this above title is taken from a trending speech by Emma Watson for the #Heforshe campaign. I think the reason for her standing ovation was not because people were pleasantly surprised by what the “harry potter girl” had to say but because she raised some important issues that were going unnoticed till now.

A particular part where she talks about how men and women both need to learn to be free struck me the most. What was so different about it? She made us think of how and why we do the things the way we do, and how bounded we are of the prejudices around us. I have in high school seen many boys ridiculed for crying, whereas it was perfectly normal for a girl. I have seen boys noticeably shameful because they are not good in sports. And I have also seen girls who dress the part and told they are not beautiful. I have been told to act like a “lady” for being too loud or eating spaghetti too fast. I have seen men be ridiculed for liking fashion, arts and romantic novels.

The reason we cannot bring about the change is perhaps we are too comfortable in it. I have had heated discussions with my friends where I explain why I am a feminist and  why contrary to what they think I am not a man hater. However, I also am too comfortable in the prejudice that has bounded me and all of you.

I too have uttered the words “ do not be a girl” to my guy friends who sulk, I too have taken the back seat in getaways because I know my guy friends will plan the trip. Whereas, me being a girl who loves to talk about women rights is deemed as a man hater, my fellow guy friends have been constantly accused of objectifying women. How about we all take a step back and strip ourselves from these prejudices, let the person be the way she or he wants. Just because he is crying he is not acting like a girl and just because she wears baggy clothes she not acting like a guy. They are both just acting like people with different preferences and personalities. It is okay to be emotion if you’re a man and its okay to be head strong if you are a woman.

Note: to all who think my post are centered around women they are because I have experienced them myself. I am not a man hater or a sexist, I am just someone bringing to you my experiences. Yes, I am head strong and I believe gender equality is a serious issue that needs a lot of attention. And yes I do fight for women but have realised the fight is not against men? The fight is against all of us who are too comfortable in our roles as so called and men and women, the fight is against feeling less or more manly because you do or not do certain thinks.

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