Sunday, October 5, 2014


Pantene viral marketing plan was anything but realistic. Yes feminism is getting all the attention and it should, but when you use it to promote a hair product that bases it entire selling point on just that and it goes viral we have a problem. What message are you conveying to 9 year old girl looking at that advert #sorrynotsorry. Its wrong to say sorry ? Or doing so makes you feel weak or its a form of not being equal with men?

Okay let me start again, so pantene your saying that if I say sorry just like that out of habit or to be polite I am not as powerful? So saying sorry leads to self deprecation? In reality a sorry is not met by a Jerk who cannot respond in a similar manner. In reality people are nicer than how you portrayed it pantene.

Here are a few things I want you to know panetene

1. You did not fool no one, and those who did get fooled shame on you. Are you that naive to believe that saying sorry makes you somewhat inferior?

2. Plenty of men say sorry too!Sorry is a simple exchange , that is usually said out of politeness.

3. I have seen plenty of people abuse the word sorry but not the same way you showed, there is the very prevalent form of sorry which most people use out of sarcasm! what about that sorry does it count aswell?

Reminder: let us use the brains that god has given us, and ask ourselves the very important question that panete wants us to answer. Does saying sorry make us the weaker gender? No it does not! Infact this campaign stands against everything it is suppose to convey. I say it again feminism is not about battle over who says sorry more! its about equality and in my opinion both women and men say sorry when needed. If you wish to make a video such as this one pantene maybe its important do a proper research instead of baseless assumption of the facts? Did it occur to you that sorry can be said in different tones and maybe subjected to cultural differences aswell? 

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  1. I just watched the Pantene Ad, and that was very lame of them. You're right!