Sunday, October 5, 2014

Trash keeper... confession of a broke impulsive buyer.

Its crazy how in the worst financial times as a student you tend to make horrendous financial decisions one after another. When you do not have that extra money to spare and carefully plan out your meal plan for the next weeks, which let me tell you is primarily going to be over cooked ramen, egg and bread... you manage to throw all that away because you were fascinated by that one weird looking thing in the 5rm shop you just could not do without.. Oooo look paper clips in the shape of butterflies.. I definitely need this! for... you knoww... you know when I need to clip my stomach while I struggle to sustain with my 10 rm a day budget. Make sense right? I know! pure genius!!
 A lot of you may not relate to this but here I say it! I am an impulsive buyer which leads me to be a broke a** B****. There I said it! Okay it may not all be that bad for us, we are still young there must be a way.. there is one. Wise suggestions from a girl who is chowing down cereal for dinner at the moment. Here it is:

1. Admit your are an implusive buyer. If you still don't think you are look around your room and if you can spot atleast 5 things in a minute that you bought just because or cause it was on sale. You are an impulsive buyer.

2. Remember the times you used your food money to buy a worthless piece of S*** all though you love food.

3. Do not give into sales ( trying to learn this myself), that 30 rm h&m shirt is on sale for a reason, cause its probably like SHIT.. excuse the language. Its good to find a bargain and make good of what you got. SOMETIMES. Doing that always will fill your wardrobe with junk that you probably do not want in your trunk.. If you know what I mean.

4. Stop regretting what you bought, this happens to me a quite a lot ... bought random scented candels for no reason when broke... or a batch of cupcakes and random chocolates because F*** it! I am already spending anyways.. There goes my savings now...

5. Make it an invest. Last and probably the most important. Learn to make it an investment. Think of what that item can give you in the future then just that particular instant. recently I made the courageous decision to drop that expensive blush and get the tea tree package from body shop because I rather have a clear skin instead of murky aftermath of the blush.

Make sense. Well thats what I have learned so far but at times the heart wants what the heart wants. ;) ooohh a coffee mug that says mooo! See you later...

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  1. Sooo true!! Good article! Keep more coming! :)