Monday, April 6, 2015

6 Bad a** reasons to tap into your inner Kanye

1. When your in denial about your weight gain.

 Or your wife you make a song about it full on denial.

Okay ! She isn't Kanye  

2. When you had basic bitch ambitions. 

Among 10 - 12 year old #1 desire was to be famous. (Buzzfeed)  
Obviously that changes due to reality. 

3. When you have to play practical jokes on your friends.


4. When you find conformity tedious 

Often times you want to just stick to what you belive no matter how socially unacceptable it was.

5. When you are a die hard Beyonce fan. 


6. When someone annoys you.  

You are god obviously you got no time for this. 

#Disclamer: Do practice your inner Kanye in moderation. 

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