Monday, April 20, 2015

My Poor Nepal

Dear Nepal,

Why are you so poor? Why are you so limited? Why are you pitied?

Why doesn't anyone see what I see in you? Are you just about the mountains? Or is there more to you? Are  you planning to forever get shadowed by your more popular friends? Don't you think you should change direction, empower and prosper? Why ask? I know you think life's good now and it is. Very much. But stop and think do you always want to be addressed as the place with highest mountain in the world? Where people fear to live in their own homes and run off any chance they get?

Granted you still have your good moments. While you were too busy being the rebel you are, your people did pretty incredible things. You had CNN heroes, inspiring individuals, prospering artists and more. You are taking one step at a time, noted. But doesn't it make you mad that people who call you home,get asked demeaning questions like:

  • How come your English is so good?
  • Are you rich ?
  • How are you rich?
  • How can you afford this?
  • I heard Nepal is so dirty, is it true?
  • I thought all Nepalese were illegal immigrant workers. Is it true?

Why don't you prove them wrong? We are not dirty, we are not illegal immigrant workers. We are not desperate. Right?Wrong. We are. Most of us can't come home because what does home have. Dying dreams and worn out lives.

But I believe in you. You are the country with potential. I know you have been through a lot. You are still coping, but its time to muster up and move on. Its time to empower men, women and children alike. Its time to take the world by storm. Its time to educate others. Nepal is beautiful and smart. Nepal is educated and cultured. Nepal is strong and sensible. It's time.

Yours Truly,
A hopeful Nepali


  1. I enjoyed reading this Ayu! A very beautiful inspiring piece of writing! đź’—

    1. Thank you hun! for always showing me your support <3

  2. Replies
    1. thank u soo much! your support has always meant a lot <3

  3. first we need to find out the problem, right? in your opinion, what do you think are the factors that are responsible for making Nepal lag so behind in the modern world? what is more responsible for this, unstable politics? or society or individual people?

    1. Yes, we do. The problem here is that we are too comfortable in being called the small nation with mountains, we are to comfortable in our social class. Another problem is that we rather be known as America return than Nepali born, this creates this gap between those who want to do something for the country and those who despite having a life here do not want to associate with the nation. Recently, I discovered the amazing things people in Nepal were doing because I stepped out and actually connected with those who care . It is definitely the people who are at fault because at the end of the day they rather be called something else then a Nepali. However, it is not entirely their fault from a very young age they are reared to believe that it it how you are suppose to be. So people make the society and the same people tolerate the unstable politics. At the end of the day it is about stepping outside of your social class and learning from one another which is rarely seen in this country. Hence, although an entire Nation is facing a problem it usually feels like you are fighting the battle alone. Thank you for raising such questions, it is always good to ponder on things that truly matter.

  4. I agree with you. Basically, the problem lies in the system or the environment that we are grown up in. I never blame an individual for such problems that involves large number of people. In such case, the main problem is the source from which such individuals are being produced. And that source is our society or the environment that we are grown up in.
    But our society and environment are the part of our civilization or culture. So may be we need a reformation in our culture or civilization! what do you think?

    1. Absolutely! I cannot agree more, we need to challenge the culture that has made us what we are today. I think it is always about stepping outside of your comfort zone and for instance there are times we often let racism be a big part of our lives because we simply believe that we are a small nation. We need to really challenge these preconceived notion about Nepal and what we stand for. We need to study and move forward with change. Usually, however people just study and complain but do very little in trying to move it forward. But I guess those who think deeply will eventually come around to it..