Wednesday, February 1, 2017

If you have ever been scared to do anything in life......(Read this)

I am a nervous flyer but this only started happening up until a few years ago and fear is intense especially if the airports I am flying out from is cold and has nothing to do a.k.a Tribhuwan International Airport. However, thank you for the upgrades in the bathroom and toilet papers! Much needed.

 Now, I am not saying that I cannot go through the entire airport experience with a little tiny smirk and annoying eye rolls at the immigration, but I do have my little doubts of fear here and there when my mind gets the best of me or when the plane boogies in mid air. Come to think of it, I think most of us experience this.


I have grown like many in an environment in which being scared is immensely discouraged and considered inhuman almost, hence my fear of flying and therefore the acknowledgement of it always felt like a thing I was not supposed to do simply because it meant coming across as someone who was not as adventurous or fun. We all do this, judge someone bold enough to openly admit their fear, and praise those that say things like "Fear are for the weak or face your fear! ", masssiveeeee eye roll because this does not apply to everything! You would not be saying that if a tiger was chasing you. The point here is little fear is necessary cause when a tiger comes at you, you run. If you were stupid enough to think fear is for the weak, you would just sit there and face it eventually becoming its dinner. 


The need for fear is so important that our brain has a primitive region called amygdala that reminds us the potential risk each situations and stops us from acting on impulses that have grave consequences.  Which means even if you feel this need to open the airplane door and or run around naked in the flight, your amygdala will  help you control these instincts and go like "Hey slow down fella! you may get jailed or die for that". So you see fear is an important part of being because it not only helps us judge things effectively but also helps us from having a face off with a tiger or face jail time. 

However, not all of us have the same fears, some sky dive from an airplane while others are even scared to get on one. But, once we remove our selves from the misconception that fear is only for the weak, we stop labeling ourselves weak because we feel it. 


We just established before that there should be absolutely no shame in having fears but that does not mean we should let it run our lives. Changing perception towards fear is the first step, once we realise fear is good for us and helpful the negative effect it has on us especially of embarrassment vanishes. I for one can openly talk about my fears and insecurities whereas I know many that cannot. 

Fear not only protects us from dangerous situation but if effectively managed can transform our lives.


Fear of not doing what you love motivates you to work harder on your passion and dreams. 
Fear of having poor health motivates you to change your life. 

Even our ancestors started to use survival skills like hunting, farming with the fear of starvation. 

Fear lets us know that something needs to be done for us to survive. 

And as for my fear of flying? Well, it just tells me that I need to  travel way more to essentially master it. ;) Any excuse I can get. Am I right? 

So, be fearfully proud and happy because fear is your friend. 

Plus, in order to be fearless one has to overcome fears!

Let people know how fearfully happy you are regardless of its a plan ride or starting a new project. Ahem Ahem I am looking at you people! Embrace your fear. (


  1. Hey girl... I love how u see the negative "fear" as a positive one... perhaps I should be proud of my fear of anything and stop to lead the fear to the stressful mind anymore... Well said! I love ur blog... ❤️

  2. This is so well written !! Thanks you for sharing