Friday, July 25, 2014

It took seconds to break

 The damage that’s done
Took many lives
This took years to make
Now took seconds to break

I see your picture on my pc on my tab
You remind me of a brother I never had
I cry and worry for you in silence
Hoping these people get some guidance

They shoot they fire on demand
But what have you done my child?
I wonder.
Do they not see the innocence you hold?
Do they not see what this has done to you all?

Look your famous
On my pc and my tab
But you are so scared and alone 
I do not think you care

Let’s stop this
And let you have a laugh
Let you play again in the open sky
The damage is done
It is bigger than ever
But let’s come together to mend it for the better

We have to stop it’s about time
Let these children have their life
The damage that’s done
Took  many lives
This took years to make
Now Took seconds to break.

#freethechildrenofGaza #freethechildren

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