Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How to Stop caring about what others think of you

Hi World,

I  love a big serving of rice, yes I am Asian. But honestly would I give up food for a day to not care. Probably, because that would mean  actually living the posts I shared on instagram.

This is how you stop caring about what others think of you 
You think of all the things you could do if you Stopped. 

 If I were to give up a day of eating to  embrace  my quirky personality
Even if I ran into my judgmental friend I would openly feel the way I feel,
Without second guessing my self
If today the validations of people did not matter
 I would be  intelligent and amazing
 Not because someone told me,
but because I knew
 If today I was a no F***giving person then I suppose I would
Wear that outfit I always planned to wear
Start my own business because why not
Be proud of who I am
How smart and beautiful I am
Because Today I do not give an F about what you think,
Today its all about What I think

So, What would you do  If today you could stop caring?


  1. I still have issues on trying not to care what people think of me. I want to be able to grow out of becoming a people pleasure.

    1. You will overcome it, one day a time :)